Traffic Violation: Reckless Driving – What is It?

Reckless driving is one of the most serious traffic violation in New Jersey. If a person violated this law, he or she can have burdensome and multiple penalties and fines to pay. Not only that, but his or her driving license can be suspended immediately, and in some other cases, 60 days jail sentence is also possible. For repeatedly violating this offense, the jail sentence can last up to 90 days and you must pay an additional fee of $500.

Reckless Driving: What is It? 

Reckless driving is an act of operating any vehicles without being cautious of other people’s safety and properties. Any act that is similar to reckless driving with the purpose of endangering another human being, his or her properties will be automatically considered as reckless driving.

The following driving behaviors can deem to be reckless driving:

  • Distracted driving which includes the usage of mobile phones, eating, applying make-ups, and interacting with your passengers inappropriately.
  • Not following any traffic signals like traffic lights, stop lights, pedestrian lanes
  • Road rampage and other scandalous acts against other individuals
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs

Reckless Driving Consequences 

If you violated this law, five points will be added automatically to your driving license. Having five points to your driving license can lead to an NJ’s point limit for an additional surcharge for a total of 6 points. Any drivers who accumulated a total of six points on her or his driver’s license shall pay an additional surcharge that is subjected to NJ’s motor vehicle commission for three consecutive years.

In some cases, if you have an experienced attorney during the case, they can lower your violation to careless driving charge.

Careless Driving: What is It? 

Generally speaking, careless driving is also similar to reckless driving but in a less serious case. According to NJ traffic law, careless driving is an act of operating any vehicle without the proper caution for other human being and property for their own personal safety.

Same with reckless driving, they both put other individuals in danger. But the difference is simple, reckless driving has an intentional motive to drive in aggressive behavior to put someone’s life in danger. On the other hand, careless driving is simply driving without cautions, like in a careless manner unintentionally.

The following are the sample driving behaviors that involved careless driving:

  • Falling asleep due to tiredness or medicine while driving
  • Failure to keep a safe distance between other vehicles
  • Can’t maintain his or her vehicle into one’s lane
  • Lastly, unsafe passing

Penalties for careless driving are much lighter compared to reckless driving. If an individual violated this traffic offense, he or she shall pay a fine amounting $50 up to $200, and a possibility of getting a 15 days jail sentence.

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