6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Drunk Driving Attorney

A lot of people like to get drunk and then drive the car back home. If you get drunk and then drive your car, chances are you are going to cause troubles afterwards. Ultimately, the police catch up with your car and issue a penalty. The good news is that you can hire a drunk driving attorney to remove the penalty that you suffer as a result of violation caused by drink driving. The following are 6 reasons why you should hire a drunk driving attorney.

Give You Advice

The DWI lawyer Dallas TX can give you advice on anything you want to know because they possess legal knowledge on all issues related to DUI. He can advise you on whether to submit a breath test and blood test as the result from these tests can influence your case. The lawyer understands your rights and can tell you what to do to protect it.

Investigate the Case

The lawyer can help you to investigate the case. When investigating the case, the attorney will be responsible for interviewing each of the witnesses and record down all their statement. The lawyer knows what evidence should be used to build a strong defence for your case. The evidence is necessary for building a defence against the DWI charges. They know what questions to ask to collect the evidence for your case. He can question the officials on what techniques are being used. If the wrong technique is used, the attorney can help you to have the case dropped.

Familiarity a Lot of People in the Prosecution

The attorney knows a lot of the people that are involved in the prosecution. He probably knows the judge and can negotiate for a lighter sentence on your behalf. He knows the background of each officer. If he can help you prove that the officer is negligence in his duty, you will be able to get discharged from your case. The DWI attorney familiar with the ins and outs of the state laws so he knows what to do to get your case thrown out. Many people who have high education aren’t aware of these laws. 

Work Out an Alternate Plea

The DWI attorney can help you to work out an alternate plea deal to reduce your sentence. For example, with the plea deal, you will do community service to prevent your driving license from being suspended. Sometimes, the plea will require you to attend a stricter counselling session or pay a more expensive fine to protect your driving license. 

Review Your Documents

A DWI attorney can review all your documents and determine if there are any inaccuracies in it. Removing the inaccuracies in the documents means there are no more weaknesses in the case. This means you now have a higher percentage of winning the case. 

Expunge the Conviction

A DWI attorney can help you to expunge a conviction. Expungement of a conviction means that it is completely erased and no longer appear on your record. Expungement of your DUI charges allows you to get a job more easily since the employer cannot find out during background check. The lawyer understands the requirements for expungement in the state. He can help you to meet the requirements to have the record cleared.