Billing software for lawyers

Each transaction is an event that includes processing time events, running reports, tracking retainers, and invoicing clients. With professional and solid accounting and legal billing software, you can control your financial data. This software works for Mac, desktop, and Windows. It helps the lawyers as well as the law firms in simplifying the billing procedure, gets paid faster, and saves a lot of valuable time. It makes invoicing easy while containing all the important features. This way, you can manage less paperwork and often create lesser confusion related to bills. You can track real-time billable hours and update your accounts automatically. If you want to generate complaint invoices, you can do it easily. It supports a wide variety of billing formats for communication between corporations and law firms. You can easily create and send invoices to your clients in emails, by attachment in a PDF, via a web link, or printing a paper copy.


Features of a legal billing software

Important features of legal billing software are as follows:

  • Error-free billing- You can generate bills quickly and also reduce the billing errors with this software. As the software integrates seamlessly with accounting software for a small business, you can track your billing units, manage the client’s accounts, and capture all disbursements effectively.
  • Faster billing- This software minimizes the billing mistakes. As the disbursements and recoveries are viewed quickly, it makes the process of bills generation easy. You can also work faster.
  • Pre-billing guide- With this software, you can run through quickly prior to printing the final document. You can print a report, review it, and then generate the bills.
  • Saves money- Nowadays, you do not have to spend a fortune to complete the huge amount of accounting task. The billing software can help you to spend a less amount of money.

Legal Mobile App

Attorneys are always busy, whether in court, at an appointment, or a train. The legal apps help the attorneys to save lost time and turn it into a profitable one. Attorneys these days can access their legal files and forms from anywhere and at any time. You can view a client’s information that includes the contact details of the client, critical tasks and dates, and vital financial matters including trust ledgers. They can search for the client matters and access necessary information while they are on-the-go. With this app, they can easily know about their next appointment.